When looking at potential new properties to purchase for upcoming projects, there are multiple aspects we focus on- one being the objects surrounding the property. Understanding elements of our environment, such as landscaping, buildings, and neighborhood characteristics, provides us with the necessary information in order to design a project that ensures a premium outcome fitting in with the neighborhood.

After going over zoning regulations for this property, we noticed the codes wouldn’t allow us to successfully execute what we had thoughtfully planned out for our Manor Road project- The Emma. However, when the Cumby Group sees an obstacle on the horizon, there’s only one thing we can do- adapt and overcome. We knew exactly what steps to take to move forward, so in June of 2019 we began the process of getting a variance.

Variances give property owners the legal permission needed to deviate from the rules set in place for land development use. Before presenting our case to the Board of Adjustments, we decided to hold gatherings with neighbors to collaborate and find solutions that pleased all parties involved. With one of our main goals as a company being to better the community, we value the input of our neighbors in order to develop and construct community conscious properties.

After months of work, Cumby Group’s variance request was approved in March of 2020- allowing us to successfully uphold the vision that was established for this project from the very beginning.