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The Ultimate Luxury Experience in Austin.

Welcome to The Colorfield — Austin’s newest exclusive residences, where design, luxury, and artistic expression converge. Winner of the Austin Business Journal’s Real Estate Award for “Best New Development 2019”, every detail of these spectacular living spaces is meticulously crafted with modern, high-end elements to provide a residential experience like no other. Our spacious two, three, and four-bedroom residences will feature beautiful high-end finishes with contemporary sleek features, while also allowing for personalized design options. The Colorfield will be a true work of art.

A style of abstract expressionist paintings, characterized by compositions of large open “field” of color, unconstrained by lines, brushstrokes, rules or subject matter. Austin has always been home to colorful people, mavericks and rebels- people that live life by their own rules, unconstrained by lines. Castle Hill has always been a reminder of this, from the unlikely castle that overlooks Austin, to the public art park that once stood here as a palce where world renowed street artists and amateur art enthusiasts alike could come to express their creativity. Soon, The Colorfield will stand as a permanent testament to the people and town that won’t be constrained by lines or rules.